Advantages of Shallow Depth Microneedles

Shallow Depth Micro Needles

Microneedles have been a very traditional way of using dermal filler injections for beautification processes. But the debate over their usage has been extremely in through other newer developed methods for the same. While microneedles might present different things but the there are numerous advantages of shallow depth microneedles looking at the way they are used and how this invented method provides great benefits.

The different advantages for shallow depth micro needles are given below

  • Lesser Treatment

Since the cosmetic effect of these shallow depth microneedles is lasting therefore the dose amount is reduced and there is a lesser amount of treatments needed to give any other effect.

  • Depth

The method invented is so indigenous that the microneedle injection device provides great control over the depth delivery because the needles are even shorter than the skin’s own thickness.

  • Precision

The shallow depth microneedle provides more precision since the micro needles are inserted completely into the skin and the injection has a known depth with immense precision as well.

  • No Pain

Since the injection is injected in the shallow layers of the skin, these layers of the skin do not have any pain sensitive nerves so there is hardly any pain during the procedure at all.

  • Longer Effect

When the injection is applied to the shallow layers of the skin, this part contains a very thin mesh of cells as well as blood vessels so the injection takes more time to be injected. Hence this gives way to a longer lasting effect of the cosmetic treatment.

  • Lesser Risks

Since the injected dose is made deeper but less frequently into the skin therefore there is a lesser chance of getting the injection injected accidentally into the sub-cutaneous tissue, blood vessel or muscle so that there is maximum penetration and lesser chance from contaminated needles as there is less disruption of blood vessels.

  • Multiplicity

Through this method, multiple injections can be done as fillers to curved lines, fine lines and wrinkles that are difficult to correct with even smaller needles.

  • Simplicity

The technique is so simple that it can be mastered fairly easily and will give the same results even if the performer is not that much of an expert. Hence this brings about simplicity and the independence of the performer at the same time as well.

  • Finesse

The depth and the length of the microneedles ranges from 450µm to 750µm and 50µm to 1000µm respectively which means that more finesse is achieved for each procedure and each methodic treatment that is obtained. It also has three micro needles pre-defined for lines and sometimes even four rows of pre-defined line needles. Hence such appropriateness and specific functions, there is much greater finesse that is achieved.

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Hence, these shallow depth micro needle injections are made by carefully choosing from a variety of specific treatments of gels, polymers, tissues and acids to provide much greater benefits that automatically make them very useful through this newer and latest invention.

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