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decoria essense and decoria intense

For a long time, traditionally cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin has been a proven substance in dermal fillers and has been appeared to be extremely protected and viable. Decoria is a big step forward because of the innovative spherification technology. As a result of numerous years of Swedish research, Decoria now present a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler with smooth, circular particles rather than the conventional structure with angular rhomboids.

Decoria is an advanced item in which the circular particles add to a much smoother result and more prominent patient satisfaction.

The Decoria product range offers two items for aesthetic upgrade of the face. Decoria essence and Decoria intense. Decoria comprises of a balanced out and exceptionally filtered type of hyaluronic acid extracted from a synthetic source, structurally identical to the body’s own hyaluronic acid, making a very biocompatible item.

They are injectable implants, in the form of a transparent gel, utilized for correction and molding of facial wrinkles and folds, facial shaping and for lip improvement. Only one injection of Decoria produces a quick result and a long lasting impact.

Decoria Essence

Decoria Essence is an exceptionally advantageous and simple to-use filler, is picking up popularity among cosmetologists all over the world.Decoria Essence is planned for the adjustment and forming of superficial to reasonably deep facial wrinkles and folds.. The item ought to be injected intradermally through a needle into the superficial to mid dermis.

Decoria Essence is mainly used for:

  • Amendment of shallow wrinkles.
  • Amendment of respectably profound facial wrinkles and folds.
  • Lip augmentation (this item is utilized for lip enlargement and correction of their shape and lifting corners of the lips).
  • Smoothing glabellar wrinkles.
  • Amendment of wrinkles at the edges of the mouth.

Decoria Essence is a clear gel viscous consistency for injection, which depends on hyaluronic acid. The drug is as of now contained in a graduated disposable syringe volume of 1.1 ml.

Decoria Intense

Decoria Intense has been incredibly proposed to upgrade the hydration and flexibility of the skin. Working to give your skin a more normal and hearty look. It is the hyaluronic acid that serves to continue with skin liquefaction and passes on mass to your skin. Decoria Intense has standard measures of hyaluronic destructive fluid and are reliably supplanted, however as we get the chance to be more established the pace at which we can top off on hyaluronic destructive fluid weakens significantly.

As a result, the skin uses the chance to end up hydrated and starts to get dried out, bringing about crinkles and wrinkling to turning out to be more self-evident. Decoria Intense satisfies desires by supplanting the drained levels of Hyaluronic acid and aids rehydrate the skin and expands thickness through its ability to hold water.

Normally the solutions are supplied by subtle insertions around 1-2 cm’s wide. Due to Decoria Intense’s properties the length of the gel is infused it streams similarly into the encompassing skin. Results are speedy and can continue working for whatever time length up to 1 year. Decoria Intense is blended especially into the skin with a slim needle.

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