Best Android apps for maintaining your fitness

Best Android apps for maintaining your fitness

Today we have some health apps to share with you. Maintaining your health is very vital, during this era of competition people forget about their health and just concentrate on their work. This is not a good indeed. You always need someone who can aware you about your health and can guide you to stay fit and control your cholesterol level. Download these apps to maintain your health and increase your fitness level easily:

Period Tracker Deluxe

If you are having active possession of uterus, then you should consider using Period Tracker Deluxe also known as P Tracker D. It makes it very easy to log the days of your menstruation in a friendly and customizable way. You can also record your personal details such as moods and symptoms. If you are going to be pregnant, or you are trying to avoid it, then this app can really help you. It costs $1.99 at Play Store.

Runtastic PRO

Runastic Pro Runtastic is a far much superior app for tracking your running routes. It can keep track of all sort of useful data and can help you to get maps that are full of information for future outings. You also get a music player with Runtastic PRO to make your workout experience completely seamless. You can either use it for hiking, walking and cycling as well. It costs $4.99 at Play Store.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Noom is a fantastic app to lose your weight. It works as your weight-loss coach that stays in your pocket. You can feed the amount of calories that you need daily and that you burn daily. If you are a premium user then you get some extra features and get online communities that support fellow members to achieve weight loss goals. It costs $9.99 per month.


These Apps can be really helpful for increasing your fitness level. You can share your favorite apps too that you use daily for maintaining your fitness. Please let us know in the comment section and we will come up with new apps. If you have any further requests regarding any sort of health related issues then let us know. Hopefully this article will be helpful for Mandy , who sent us the request for writing about “Best Android apps for maintaining your fitness“)..

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