How to recover your damaged skin from cosmetic and herbal techniques?

Skin problems are very common these days. This is the reason why we have seen a great growth in this industry, a small example of the growth rate in cosmetic industry is the increasing number of sites and surgeons on internet that are always available to offer their services. But to be honest, unnatural solutions always have some sort of side-effects.  So in this article we are going to learn some techniques which will help you to repair the damaged skin from extra heat and temperature.

PDO thread lift

As you may know that this is a cosmetic procedure and not a herbal remedy to fight skin problems. PDO thread lift has become a famous surgical treatment through out the world for many reasons, one of them is the immediate results and effectiveness for patients. During a normal thread lift a PDO suture is inserted into the patient’s skin through a needle and it stays there and dissolves under the skin to plump skin.

In a thread lift, a surgeon injects fillers to the patient’s skin. A filler is chose by the dermatologist according to the case and scenario. Different fillers have different benefits and side effects. A surgeon uses needles and cannulas for PDO thread lifting, but there are many feedbacks available on internet of patients who complain about the complicaticity of the surgery that they faced and also the side effects are a big problem.

You should ask your doctor before a surgery to whether use cannulas, needles or barbed pdo threads for your skin surgery.

Use Watermelon

Watermelon contains so many natural energies in it. It has rich amount of vitamins and other resources that enhances your skin beauty and fairness. You can use watermelon in many ways, using it daily helps your body to get the lost liquids during sweating.

You can also use its scale for massaging your face skin and other areas where you feel dryness. Watermelon massage can also be very effective for repairing dead skin and damaged skin cells.

Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea is a very effective herb for repairing damaged skin. It contains resources that help to detox your system which means minizing toxins in your body thus outbreaking of acne and other skin problems.

Amla berry

Amla berry is rich in Vitamin C, which helps to protect your skin and also repairs oxidative damage from excessive confrontation of sun light and heat. It can also shrink pores, calms skin and decreases acne problem. The most biggest benefit is that it also increases the production of collagen which restores your skin firmness.

Daily exercise

Routine excercise is a key ingredient in a healthy men’s life. You should join a gym or if you cannot then do some daily workout at your home to stay fit. Daily workout helps you to ensure that your skin stays stretched which helps to always get away of wrinkles and prolong youthful skin.

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